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Boho Flower Bath With Couple | Anna and Willie

I’ve been doing these flower bath shoots for a while now, and while I’ve made only one other attempt to fit two people into it at the same time, this was my first official flower bath shoot with a couple. Shooting these with a couple involves all the usual challenges I expect with flower bath water shoots – posing, light, comfort, interest, color, composition, wardrobe, emotion – all times 2.  Keeping an eye on posing and expressions and lighting for two people vs one, making sure both people are not extremely uncomfortable (tough with water shoots especially), and dealing with lens distortion (much more difficult with two people than one) all make these shoots challenging. Luckily, Anna and Willie came over prepared for anything I had in store for them. I had picked out wardrobe, hired an assistant and planned to use daisies and pine branches and EVEN collected these pine branches (illicitly, if I’m honest) on a trip my husband and I took to Mt. Shasta. No effort spared for the prettiest photos :).  And then, of course, on this particular day it was GUSHING rain from the sky. My setup for these shoots is under an over hang in my back yard so I was mostly covered, but my poor assistant Maryam was fully under the rain. It was windy so some of it was getting in the pool, too. As it turns out, though, Maryam, Anna and Willie were all awesome about it and we just went with it, and I ended up loving the rain drops in the water! I so enjoyed doing this shoot and can’t wait to get more couples in there. Maybe for an engagement shoot sometime? Or anniversary? Just because? No excuse needed :D. Anyway, here are some of my faves, with a couple behind-the-scenes shots at the end!


  • san jose portrait photography couples flower bath anna willie-2
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