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boudoir and flower bath Photo shoot

K reached out to me back in January – She was feeling a lot of excitement about her upcoming wedding and wanted to treat herself, and I am so glad she did! After chatting a bit about what she wanted to do, we decided to add on a water shoot as well as classic boudoir. K was so sweet and a delight to work with. We met up at my home / studio in San Jose for the shoot. I had Becca Lau with Beautiful One Makeup Artistry come in and do K’s hair and makeup (and, serendipitously, it turned out that she had done her engagement shoot makeup as well!) and she was stunning! Such a classic, pre-raphaelite look. We even had to take a photo with my dog shadow, in a vague attempt at a Game of Thrones theme :).

We did the boudoir shoot in the studio (I do them in a bedroom and my living room) and then we did the water shoot in the yard as usual. The color scheme was based on K’s wedding colors and turned out amazing with her hair. After she got her photos I interview her and asked her some questions about how the whole experience was for her. I was so excited to hear how empowering the experience was for her – it’s everything I want for my clients! Read in her words below :).

her experience

leading up to the shoot

1) Why did you decide to do this type of session? Was there anything in particular you were hoping to “get out of it”?

I have always liked the idea of boudoir photography but I never thought of it as something possible for me.  Then, with my wedding coming up and feeling generally overwhelmed, my desire to do something for myself was high.  Boudoir is kind of for the both of us. . . but to be perfectly honest, when I saw the offer for the mini-shoot (which happened to be perfect timing), I was thinking more of treating myself than my fiance.  Spa treatments are ephemeral.  These photographs will always be around to remind me of this time in my life. 

2) How was the experience leading up to the shoot? How did you feel – apprehensive, excited?
Leading up to the shoot, I did feel really nervous and shy.  I asked myself several times, “am I really doing this?”  But your emails were reassuring, and once I was there, nervousness turned into excitement.


3) How was the experience of the shoot itself. What was how you’d imagined, and what was different than you’d anticipated?
The shoot was a little different than I imagined.  The only other professional photography experience I’d had before this was for my engagement session (in a public park), so of course this was different.  I guess I was imagining some sort of studio setting, but it was in your home, and I think just that made me feel a little relieved. 

When I was getting makeup done in your living room, I felt so comfortable and relaxed.  We had coffee and music and it was just lovely.  When it came time to shoot, I had another wave of nervousness and self-consciousness, but then you poured a glass of champagne because you knew.  Everything was chill after that!  Thank you for being so welcoming and making me feel right at home. 

4) How did the shoot make you feel?
During the shoot, I felt a little unreal, somehow.  Even though I was there, I couldn’t really believe it.  I felt a little like someone else, someone more glamorous than the real me.  But it was me, it really did happen!  I don’t think it hit me until the shoot was over, though.  After the shoot, I just felt happy and excited to see the photos!

After the shoot….

5) How do you feel about your final images?
I love the way the images turned out!  I sort of knew I would love them.  To be honest, it was kind of hard to part with them, even if just during the payment period. :p  I want to see them again!

6) Was there anything about the whole experience that you were surprised by?

I guess I was surprised by how strongly I felt attached to the experience.  I feel it will always stand out among my pre-wedding memories as something special and unique.  Even though I’ve been very strictly adhering to a budget in other areas, once I saw the images there was no doubt in my mind about buying them all.  I feel a very real attachment to them.

7) Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?
  I would absolutely recommend this to any friend.  I already kind of want to do it again.  Easy question.  😀

the photos

  • San Jose Boudoir Photos with Kit-18

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  • Kit
    Posted at 13:03h, 23 May Reply

    This is me!

    When I wrote the responses above, I was still giddy from having had the “first look” of my photos. Now, months later, I can positively say this experience has improved my life.

    I also want to let you know my husband’s reaction! Of course, he said “so sexy,” and “gorgeous,” – these are the expected reactions, I think. 🙂 Later on, I was trying to explain to him that though I still felt a little shy about it, it had been such a good experience for me – that I really felt beautiful – he said that this was how he had always seen me. (He does tell me I’m beautiful all the time, but I used to brush him off, “you have to say that.” I grew up being on the chubby side, and heard a few too many times when I was young things like, “you’ll be so pretty if. . . ,” Yeah, it’s sometimes hard to accept compliments.) My husband said I’ve always been beautiful to him, but we’re never able to see ourselves through others’ eyes. He’s glad we have these photos because he wants me to see that side of me, too. Hearing him say it was wonderful – and I had the visual evidence in front of me. We’re visual creatures, after all. Now when he says, “You’re beautiful,” I’m finally able to understand what he means.

    I’ve been more confident lately. Throughout my life I’ve taken pictures of myself, but never been able to show how I really feel as a person in a photo before. Liza was able to find whatever inner beauty and sensuality I was keeping inside me and bring it out to show me. I think that’s what elevates her work; beyond photography, she truly is an artist. Thank you again, for everything – for the photos, the feelings, the experience.

    This is me. <3

    • Liza
      Posted at 13:57h, 28 May Reply

      OMG Kit! This is amazing <3. Literally have me teary-eyed over here. THIS is what it's about <3<3<3. So so special for me to have been able to be a part of this process for you! And so sweet of you to write all this out. Hearing this kind of thing really makes me feel like I'm doing something good and worthwhile in the world, not just "taking pretty pictures". Thank you Thank you for this gift!!

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