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Fine Art Milk Bath Portrait | Alie

I have been *loving* having my clients answer some questions about their shoots ( of course, it’s extra nice when they are so sweet 😀 ). Here is what Alie thought about her milk bath portrait, in her own words (and of course images of her gorgeous face below). The beautiful makeup work was done by the super talented Monina at Moderne Beauty :).

And, it probably goes without saying, but if you want to do one of these shoots, EMAIL ME and we’ll make it happen!

Guys, I did not even tell her to say these things! <3<3

1) Why did you decide to do this type of session? Was there anything in particular you were hoping to “get out of it”?

My fiancé and I were talking about photos of us, and it came up that we don’t really have any photos of each other – at least ones of us where we aren’t making faces. I have stage photos of me and some themes photos but none of them look like me, like *look* like me. So I decided to surprise him with these photos which look like me, and have artistic flair to them.

2) How was the experience leading up to the shoot? How did you feel – apprehensive, excited?

Super nervous and super excited. All of the photos that I had seen in Liza’s portfolio were GORGEOUS and with minimal modeling experience I wasn’t sure I could look like the other people did in their photos.

3) How was the experience of the shoot itself? What was how you’d imagined, and what was different than you’d anticipated?

The shoot was awesome! Right from the very get go, Liza made me feel welcomed, at home, and not rushed. Everyone, including the make up artist and assistant, were unbelievably welcoming and open. There is always that concern when you are walking around in lingerie, or laying in a pool of water, that things may get a bit awkward. But it was quite the opposite. There was always friendly chatter and laughter to be heard. Plus, I love dogs. So having a big ole husky to hang around with who kept trying to drink the water was pretty fun.

4) How did the shoot make you feel?

One word. Gorgeous. From the make up to the back drop to the outfits. Just, gorgeous.

5) How do you feel about your final images?

I’m in love with them. And to be honest, I knew I was going to love them, but not as much as I do. As a fitness competitor, we are trained to analyze every inch of ourselves. From our muscle definition, to our posture, to our hair and smile. Things like how your make up is or how your hair is styled can be the difference between coming home with a trophy and not. Because we spend so much time going over every detail of ourselves, it’s really easy to be self conscious. Especially because how I am used to critiquing the pictures of me on stage, and that isn’t how I look every day. I was worried that looking at the photos I would hold myself up to bodybuilding standards. But when I saw the photos, all of those concern flew out the window. I wasn’t worried about how toned my arms were, or if my hair and make up were immaculate. I was just taken aback that I looked like me, and I looked amazing! All of the critiquing I would have done over all of the details of any other picture, just wasn’t there. I looked comfortable! And I looked happy! And I looked stunning! That’s all that really matters.

6) Was there anything about the whole experience that you were surprised by?

That I fell in love with every picture I saw. And the sweet set up in the backyard. 🙂

7) Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?

Uh, yeah! Because it’s fun, and amazing. And whoever that friend is, they are going to feel like a million bucks, plus ten million more, when they see the photos.


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Juniper Spring Photography presents Alie’s fine art milk bath portrait.


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