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I love to document life, and for most people, this means family. I offer two types of life sessions:

Day-in-the-Life Session

It’s exactly how it sounds – photos of the average day in your life. You just wake up, feed the kids, go about your day, do what you do – and I’m just there, a fly on the wall, capturing everything. This isn’t your typical way to photograph families, but it’s a unique chance to really take a small slice of your life and make it last forever. Some may think “My life is not that exciting! We eat, we nap, we fight over socks – why would I want photos of that?” But, as the wise man said, everything passes. When your kids go off to college and you find yourself missing stinky diapers or nap-related hysteria, you’ll wish you had more photos of this messy, precious time. This type of session is great for just “an ordinary day”, but if you want to, you can use it to document a special event – mom cooking Thanksgiving dinner, grandma and grandpa hanging out playing bingo, the whole family working in the yard – whatever your life looks like.

Family Lifestyle Session

These sessions are all about family fun. We talk ahead of time and plan out a fun couple of hours for your family to hang out. You do the stuff you love to do – eat ice cream, maybe go to the zoo, maybe fly kites or build sand castles. I photograph all of the interactions between your family – laughs, silly faces, and quiet moments in the midst. I usually do snap a couple of “smile and look at the camera” type shots, but the focus is on candid, natural captures of your family being themselves.

Package pricing starting at $1000, a-la-carte pricing available.

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