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Maternity Milk Bath Couple | Viji

(All maternity milk bath and flower bath sessions are done at my home studio in San Jose, California).

Ever since I first started doing flower bath / milk bath maternity sessions, I’ve been wondering if I’d be able to fit (and photograph well) an expecting couple in the water. I’ve done a milk bath shoot with a couple before, but they were fairly petite and neither of them were pregnant :). This time, I finally got to try it. Viji reached out to me months ago when she first learned she was pregnant (I’m always touched when someone books in advance because they’ve been following my work!) and we scheduled a time to meet.

When I met them for coffee to plan out the shoot, I realized she and her husband Ashwin have great artistic ideas so I knew they would be fun to work with. After we put our heads together we came up with a plan: Two looks – one in Viji’s Indian Sari with bright flowers and one in a white dress from my collection with a moody backdrop and my winter branches and white magnolia flowers. With a little effort, Viji convinced Ashwin to join in for part of the shoot (there was a particular image from my previous milk bath with a couple session that they loved and wanted to recreate). I wasn’t sure how it would work with Ashwin being 6’5″ (and Viji is tall as well!) but we decided to give it a go.

On the day of the shoot it was a cold and stormy day in early January. I try to make the water pretty comfy for my clients, but even so you’re only halfway in the water so if it’s at all breezy I get concerned that people will be uncomfortably cold. That said, Viji was such a trooper and didn’t seem to mind at all – and we succeeded in getting some lovely shots of her and Ashwin together! At their reveal a couple weeks later, these are the 10 images they selected. I so enjoyed working with them and love that I get to have these beautiful pictures in my portfolio now :). And now that I know it can be done, I can’t wait to do more maternity milk bath sessions with a couple :D.

Makeup by none other than Makeup Artist Eugeniya Lomeyko

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