napa winery engagement shoot Kelly Lien-18

Napa winery engagement session | Silverado Vineyards | Kelly & Lien

Happy Monday! Monday is often blog day around here, and today I’m excited to share Kelly and Lien’s sunny Napa winery engagement session. Not only are they members at Silverado Vineyards, but they are, by their own admission “there all the time”. I was skeptical about this since they live in San Jose, but they must make the trek often because several of the wonderful staff there knew them by name. Since Kelly and Lien are so beloved there, we were given the royal treatment and their events coordinator Heidi drove us around to all the beautiful spots on the property. First we stopped by a gorgeous lily pond, then the vineyards, then back to the main tasting room. The challenge with doing an engagement shoot at a winery is that they often close early, and in the summer this means hours before sunset. Heidi was kind enough to stay late with us, but none of us would have made it another 2 hours until sunset. The mid-day sun always poses an interesting challenge for photographers, but since we had more time than usual, I really loved the freedom I got to play around with the light and try some new perspectives. I fell in love with Silverado Vineyards – I will be back to drink all their wine and sit on the terrace like Kelly and Lien :).


  • napa winery engagement shoot Kelly Lien-18
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