Nestldown Wedding Venue Highlight

Since my very own wedding 7 years ago, I’ve been wanting to see the Nestldown wedding venue. It wasn’t in the cards for our own wedding, so at the time I couldn’t bring myself to even go look at it because I knew I would fall in love. So the next best thing? Getting to shoot a wedding there – which I’ve been dying to do ever since. This past spring that dream finally came true, and Nestldown didn’t disappoint.

When you first pull into the parking lot, you can’t see the whole venue – it’s tucked away in a valley, and the lot is above. When you walk over to the edge of the lot, though, the main reception space opens up before you: a beautifully manicured lawn and pond, an adorable barn building (which fits in comfortably with the landscape on the outside, but somehow looks 3 times bigger once you’re inside). When I was there in the spring, there were fresh, brightly colored spring flowers throughout, and the orchard was in the last stages of bloom. Everything was so vibrant and green, it was just like climbing into a story book. Even the on-sight house available for the bride to get ready in is lovely and light-filled, and the old fashioned taxi cab which can be used for the couple to get around the venue is so quaint. Don’t even get me started on the whimsical statues and miniature Snow-White style cottage.

After you walk through this landscape you wonder to yourself if there could possible be more, but there IS. Nestldown’s famous redwood grove wedding ceremony site is in an even deeper valley. The staircase through the forest behind the barn leads you down into a *huge* redwood grove ceremony space. The pictures can’t possibly do it justice – it’s hard to show the scale of this space.

Basically, if you’re looking for a magical redwood wedding experience which is both comfortable for your guests and incredibly quaint while being very luxurious at the same time – look no further than Nestldown. Congrats, you’ve found your venue. Now you just need a photographer :D.

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