San Jose Fine Art Boudoir Portrait |Angie

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’m excited to share with you my water | boudoir | portrait session with Angie. We decided to go with a couple different looks – the first a classic vintage pinup style and the second a dark and moody red and black vibe in the water. We had so much fun chatting and laughing with her and Susan from Jireh Artistry (who, by the way, did an incredible job pulling off the exact look we were going for).  The three of us made some serious magic – see for yourself! (I don’t normally do black and white, but the vintage look simply begged for it.)

  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-2
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-3
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-4
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-5
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-6
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-7
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-8
  • juniper-spring-photography-san-josefine-art-boudoir-portrait-9


San Jose fine art boudoir portrait photographer Juniper Spring Photography presents Angie’s photo shoot.

  • Kayla F
    Posted at 20:45h, 15 March Reply

    Oh daaaaamn. This is simply beyond stunning, sexy, empowering and simply incredible!!! Her confidence is seriously radiating from these!!! I can’t get enough!

  • Eileen Roche
    Posted at 12:16h, 16 March Reply

    These are so gorgeous. Wow. Just wow.

  • Cassie Xie
    Posted at 10:33h, 17 March Reply

    So incredible I never wanted this post to end.

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