San Jose Fine Art Boudoir Portrait Photography | Sarah

I still don’t know what to call these sessions, because they are nothing short of magical. Portrait? Boudoir? Fantasy and fairy dust? Who knows, but I am just in love with them. I have photographed Sarah in the past, and I was just so stoked to work with her again. She rocked the water, stayed totally cool among the flames. Just like I had hoped her dance skills allowed her to get into really beautiful poses. It’s always amazing for me to see the transformation – from hair and makeup (done here by the uber talented Becky at Beautiful One Makeup Artistry), to wardrobe, to the often challenging situation of posing in water, to a final result which is completely unique and timeless.


Enough chatter, bring on the pretty!


  • jsp-fine-art-portrait-water-boudoir-11
  • jsp-fine-art-portrait-water-boudoir-18


Juniper Spring Photography presents her unique San Jose fine art boudoir portrait photography session with Sarah.

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