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San Jose Milkbath | Anna and Melanie

I don’t know that “milkbath” is an accurate description of this shoot, but “badass business owner mermaids” would have been too long to fit in the title :). Anna and Melanie co-own VRV3 Studios – Pole Dance and Fitness in San Francisco. I was so excited to work with them, both individually and – for the first time – having two people in the water a once. This was such a cool shoot, and they were so fun to work with! Mad makeup skillage provided by KSB Artistry.  I asked both Anna and Melanie to answer some questions about their shoot, and their responses are below.

1)  As a performer, you get photographed often. What drew you to doing this type of shoot specifically? Was there anything in particular you were hoping to “get out of it”?

Anna: It was a different type of shoot than I’m use to and the idea of creating an environment in water seems very artistic to me.

Melanie:We do get filmed and photographed a lot, so we’re definitely comfortable moving in front of a camera, but we don’t usually get to keep a lot of shots for ourselves. Plus, capturing action shots are really tough, so at most we only get one or two decent snapshots. So I always love the opportunity to do a shoot in a controlled environment. This shoot was really an opportunity for me to document this point in my life after deciding to do dance and fitness full time, plus I really wanted to spend some non-business time with my business partner/sister-from-another mother Anna. =)

2) How was the experience leading up to the shoot? How did you feel – apprehensive, excited?

Anna: I was excited, and honestly didn’t know exactly what to expect. 

Melanie: I was SO excited leading up to the shoot. Also a bit worried about what to wear (because really, WHAT DO REAL LIFE MERMAIDS WEAR?!), but mostly excited!

3) How was the experience of the shoot itself. What was how you’d imagined, and what was different than you’d anticipated?

Anna: It was much calmer than I was expecting.  Very much like “girl time” more than a photoshoot.

Melanie: The shoot was so much fun! I didn’t really have any idea of what to expect, but I was surprised at how quickly you get used to the feeling of water around you. I was also surprised at how difficult the doubles shots were, since I we were hoping we’d have more room for creativity with two people but the pool size didn’t quite allow us that room! Oops! =P

4) How did the shoot make you feel?

Anna: Like a unicorn fairy princess! ….Maybe partly because of the glitter.  

Melanie: Ethereal and like a mermaid!

5) How do you feel about your final images?

Anna: They’re sooooo pretty!.

Melanie: I loved the final images! I was pleasantly surprised at how well the doubles shots turned out considering how strange they felt during the shoot.

6) Was there anything about the whole experience that you were surprised by?

Anna: I was surprised I didn’t feel overly self conscious or uncomfortable. 

Melanie: The whole experience was so relaxing. Haha, seriously! Yes, we were super sore the day after, but during the whole shoot Anna and I were just so happy and had so much fun! I think we giggled like two school girls throughout the whole thing…

7) Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?

Anna: yes absolutely it was a one of a kind experience.  I would do it again if/when I could. 

Melanie: YES! It was so much more than the gorgeous photos we received at the end, the whole experience was just what we both needed to take a whole day to just pamper ourselves and enjoy the fabulous company (we love you, Shadow)!


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Juniper Spring Photography is based in San Jose, California, and specialized in milkbath, flowerbath, one of a kind fine art portraits.

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    Posted at 23:30h, 08 November Reply

    Looking great Anna, very happy to call you a friend❤️

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