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San Jose Photographer | Ellie’s portraits

Ellie is a fellow local photographer (I’m in San Jose and she’s in Morgan Hill but it’s close enough) and a good friend of mine, so once in a while when we want to explore a new spot or try something out, we’ll photograph each other. This particular day (a couple of months ago now) I noticed this patch of lilies growing wild and just had to photograph someone there in the early morning light. It didn’t take much convincing, and within a couple of days she and I got together to photograph each other in this field. In my opinion she did an amazing job looking all nice for the pictures, and I love how they turned out! Good thing we made it over there quickly, too, because the flowers were gone just a couple of days later. We also found an awesome branble of blackberry bushes which we ended up loving (though they are a bit precarious wit shoot in because of hos spikey they are). This week I’m going to back out to that field because I suspect there might be some mustard flowers coming up. So you might see another shoot from there soon ;).

  • san jose photographer ellie portraits-12
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