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Tahoe Destination Wedding | Arianne and Marcel | Part 2

In order to spend the most time possible partying with their families during their wedding day, Arianne and Marcel opted to do a day-after wedding photo shoot. This allowed us (the two of them, plus my hubs / assistant Sean and I) ample time to drive out to the Donner Lake overlook, stomp around in the snow, and even drive down to Donner Lake itself. The only unfortunate thing was that while the wedding day itself was blessed with sunshine and (relative) warmth, the day of the shoot was….not. In fact, at the time we set out to the overlook it was overcast, foggy, lightly snowing and *exceptionally* windy. Oh, and absolutely freezing. I thought it was going to be a bust or at the very least, both of them would be wearing coats the whole time (seeing as I myself was wearing a down parka and snow pants…). But, of course, Arianne and Marcel rose to the occasion and braved the fierce weather for, as we all agreed, this was the only time they were ever going to have this opportunity. We did, of course, have a blanket, and hand warmers, and coats on hand. Between shots Sean would run in and cover them, or we’d all go sit in the car with the heater on. Down by the lake it was substantially warmer, but still, you know, winter.  We really ended up having a lot of fun, and even got some once-in-a-lifetime images. In the spirit of their whole wedding weekend, the adventure was half the fun :).


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Destination wedding photographer Juniper Spring Photography presents Arianne and Marcel’s Lake Tahoe region wedding photography.

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