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North of the Golden Gate Bridge, West of the 101 and East of Tamales Bay is a place called Nicasio. It is a tiny historic town, surrounded by rolling hills and farms (and, apparently, lots of delicious cheese-makers). Nestled between these hills there is a beautiful 62 acre farm and wedding venue by the name of  Kilham Farm. In addition to training, boarding and selling horses, Kilham boasts several areas perfect for hosting your wedding or event, and a little while ago I got the chance to drive out here and check it out. I was surprised, even on the drive, of two things. Firstly, that if you’re coming from 101, you drive through a patch of redwoods and then come out to rolling hills and farmland as far as the eye can see. This likely isn’t a surprise for you North-Bay-ers, but I’m always amazed by how quickly the landscape changes. Secondly, I was caught off guard by the weather. It was a gorgeous, clear summer day, and I thought for sure that as soon as I drove out of the redwoods into the open country I would be hit with classic inland summer heat. But no! Kilham Farm and Nicasio are actually quite close to Tamales Bay and Point Reyes – just a half hour or so – so the farm has all the benefit of the cool North Bay ocean air pouring over the nearby hills.

In addition to the beautiful location – conveniently close to the city and tourist destinations while being truly in the country – one of the best things about Kilham is that if you’re into having a country farm wedding, it’s your perfect blank slate. There’s a gorgeous lawn, perfect for a laidback country affair or you can easily dress it up to California rustic chic. There’s a fountain around which you can gather for cocktails, and a super cute pond ideal for wedding portraits. My favorite, though,were the horses. Majestic and silly at the same time. I had such a delightful time visiting with them, and Emily the business developer at the farm who was kind enough to show me around. I hope to shoot a wedding here some day soon! (winknwink, nudgeudge). Here’s your country horse farm wedding venue eye candy!

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Juniper Spring presents Marin wedding venue Kilham Farm for your farm wedding.

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