Venue Spotlight: Sonoma wedding venue | Ramekins Culinary School & Inn and General’s Daughter

I first heard of Ramekins Culinary School on an episode of Top Chef, and being a self-proclaimed foodie (of the eating-the-food sort, not the cooking-the-food sort), I couldn’t wait to go check it out.  Tucked away behind a beautiful stone wall, Ramekins is just down the street from downtown Sonoma (an absolutely delightful place – definitely go if you’ve never been). If I didn’t know it was there, I might have driven right by it! I met up with Susan, one of the lovely folks at Ramekins, and she showed me around. Immediately I was drawn to the Tuscany-inspired details and decor. Everything from the stone walls, the gates, to the ivy crawling up the building just drips with European charm. The day I visited there was an olive oil tasting, pizza being made in the wood-fired stoves, and we even stumbled upon a Mozzarella-making demonstration! If you know how I feel about cheese, you know what I treat this was :). I’ve never been to Italy, but I’ve always imagined it something like this – rustic charm, cheese, delicious smells everywhere. They do so many different things at Ramekins – not only is it a beautiful venue for weddings and events and a culinary school which offers classes, demonstrations, and of course catering – it’s also an Inn! I got to see some of the beautiful rooms, stylishly decorated with warm neutral tones and views looking out on the property. And don’t overlook the awesome asparagus stair railing. You can be sure I was making a mental note to come back for a stay!

After a thorough walk through (and several bites of mozzarella), Susan and I headed over to their next-door neighbor venue, The General’s Daughter.  This place is so cool! On the outside, it’s a classic Victorian, with lovely wrap-around porches, ivy-covered trellises and an outdoor fire place. Indoors, however, it’s beautiful updated with amazingly tall ceilings, restored flooring, and a general airy and bright feel (not something I was expecting in a Victorian!). There’s a even a bar featuring Tyge William Cellars wine. I love the seamless way they combined the old with the new, classic with updated, in a way which felt refined and yet somehow familiar.

So much thanks to Susan and Ramekins for letting me come and bumble around for an afternoon! I have been having such a tremendous time exploring all the venues Sonoma has to offer, and I’m not done yet! There are more to come, so stay tuned :). In the meanwhile, check out the pics!

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Juniper Spring Photography visits Sonoma wedding venue Ramekins Culinary School & Inn and The General’s Daughter.

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