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California Redwoods Engagement | Katie and Kevin

As you might by now know, I have a particular fondness for redwoods. Well, trees in general, but redwoods in particular. I enjoy the feeling of being so small among these steadfast giants. So, of course, I was pretty pleased that Katie and Kevin decided to do their engagement shoot at Henry Cowell State Park – one of my favorite go-to redwood locations. I love the variety of landscapes in this park, and we did quite a bit of a hike to see the lot. We took our leisurely time walking through the old growth redwood trail, down to the river and the train tracks, and back through again. Then we headed out to the amazing open field for that last bit of sun which lights everything up in gold. I tried to make the most use of the sun filtering in through the trees, and even got a chance to make a couple of my favorite panoramas (the second photo is stitched together from at least 20 images). It was such a beautiful day! Katie and Kevin have an infectious energy when they’re together. They naturally made each other laugh, and they look at each other as if only the other person is real. It was so fun to be around them and get to know them a bit, and I can’t wait for their wedding later this year :).

  • california redwoods henry cowell engagement shoot-15
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