What is your photographic style?
During a wedding, I tend toward the photo-journalistic: I stay out of the way and photograph candid, natural moments as they happen. I feel that the true emotion of a wedding day is where the real beauty is, and my goal is to capture that to the best of my ability. I like images that are dynamic, that tell a story. Of course I’ll take the bride and groom, family and bridal party photos you’d like during a set portrait session time, but aside from that I usually don’t tell people to smile and look at the camera unless they ask me to. Throughout the day, I take time to capture all of the details that are often painstakingly planned and put together, and really try to get the feel and ambiance of the event. For the most part, however, I let the celebration unfold naturally, and I love being along for the ride!
What is your editing style?
In one word – natural. You might be sensing a theme here :0). I like for colors to be true to reality, how it was in the moment. Additionally, I like a good crisp contrast and edit my photos to be bright, vibrant, and full of light.
How are my images delivered?
Both your engagement shoot and wedding photos are first delivered in an online gallery which you can share with friends and family and also use to order prints. Additionally, for engagement shoot images you will get a link to download all of the files directly on to your computer. This minimizes waste with shipping, as well as shortens the delivery time. Your wedding photos will be delivered on a beautiful keepsake wooden USB drive.
How many images will I get?
It’s hard to say for sure, but on average you will receive between 75 and 100 photos per hour you have booked.
How long does it take to get my photos?
It depends on the time of year. If you’re getting married during a really busy season (which varies from year to year but in my experience tends to be August-October) it often takes about 6-8 weeks to get the photos to you, because I do them in order and there might be other weddings in the queue. If it’s a slower time, it’s usually closer to 4 weeks.
Do you do albums?
Absolutely! I work with an amazing Italian company that produces photo books of unparalleled quality. I offer a variety of size, paper, and cover options to suit every taste.
Can I share my photos online?
Sure you can! I will give you small, watermarked files in addition to your full-size files, so that you can share them with ease. I do ask that wherever you share them, you cite me as the photographer and provide the link to my website. That said, I do own the copyrights of the photos, so you should not crop them, edit them, or change them in any way, if you share them publicly.
Can I print my photos?
Of course! In fact, I really really recommend it. It’s such a shame when photos just sit on a hard drive gathering virtual dust. The gallery you’re provided with allows for easy, high quality printing in a variety of sizes, including canvas and giclee prints. I highly recommend ordering your prints directly from the gallery. You can technically order prints wherever you’d like, though I cannot guarantee the quality of the results, so that makes me nervous. I do request that any friends or family order prints directly from the gallery.
Will you share our photos?
Very likely. As I mentioned, I do own the copyrights of the photos, and as it states in the contract, I have the right to use them in any manner that I choose – for self-promotion, advertising, art, etc. I will often post sneak peeks on Facebook, and tag you if we are “friends”. I’m not a mean person, though, so if I ever tag you in anything you don’t want to be tagged in, just let me know and I’ll untag :0).