Fun San Francisco Engagement Photos

Fun San Francisco Engagement Photos | J & M

Oh, the good ol days when I could photograph people, out in public places no less. All jokes aside, this fun engagement shoot with Jean and Mike in San Francisco was the last shoot I did before official shelter in place orders went through. It was the 13th of March, and already the streets of San Francisco were eerily empty. We were able to shoot in and outside the historic Ferry Building with minimal photo bombing from tourists. The pier was where Mike proposed, and we marveled at how open and empty that space was now. Little did we know how quickly this thing would spread and how long the changes to the way we interact with each other and public spaces would last. Nevertheless – we had a blast and I’m so glad I got to do this session with them.

I often hear that folks want photos that “look like them”, and all I can say to that is – that’s what I want too! The trick is – if you want your photos to look like you, you need to bring *you * to the session. I know it’s awkward and hard to be photographed, especially if you never have been before, and I’m happy to give direction where it’s appropriate and do what I can to ease the process. But when a couple is able to get comfy and just be themselves with each other in front of a camera, that’s where that “realness” magic happens. I’m so glad I got to capture Jean and Mike’s sweetness and goofiness and the way they make each other laugh. I couldn’t manufacture that if I tried – they brought their true selves to the shoot and it shows.

Jean and Mike – thanks for inviting me to capture one small part of your story. Can’t wait for your wedding day <3.

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