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Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot | Nadja and Ozgur

Woot! First blog of 2019! And there are more in the pipeline :D. But first – this adorable Santa Cruz engagement session. Ozgur and Nadja fell in love while Nadja was here in the US studying abroad from Brazil. After she went back home they dated long distance. Finally, on one of Ozgur’s visit’s to Brazil, they decided they didn’t want to be apart any longer. And so, 2019 is the year they tie the knot! For their engagement shoot we went to Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz as that was a spot they’d spent some time at when they were both living in the area. I shoot on the beach there a fair bit, but this was the first time in a loooong time that I got a chance to actually wander through the park and explore. There are so many pretty spots! And so, on this dreary blustery day, here’s a little bit of sunshine. Two young people, in love, hanging out in a park, walking on the beach, making each other laugh and holding each other close. What could be better?


  • santa cruz engagement nadja ozgur-26
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