windy hill engagement shoot with dog-5

Windy Hill Engagement Shoot | Katy and David

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve is very aptly named. That said, I’ve gone hiking here a bunch, and have done other shoots here, and it has *never* been as windy and cold as it was for Katy and David’s engagement shoot. It had been a pleasant and warm day, so imagine my surprise when I arrive at Hindy hill on Skyline and it was 50 degrees out and SO windy. I luckily had a jacket and sweater in the car, but poor Katy and David had to suffer through it. They did an amazing job going with the flow and the crazy wind and the cold and we were gifted with amazing evening light. Their pup Mulligan was skeptical of the whole thing, but we even got him in a few shots. Overall, we overcame the circumstances, had a fun time and got some lovely photos. Looking forward to their wedding in August :).


  • windy hill engagement shoot with dog-5
  • windy hill engagement shoot with dog-22
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