How to Choose a Wedding Photographer


(Thanks to Rachel Downey for the above photo of me working!)

I meet with a lot of prospective clients, and I often have people ask me….what they should be asking me. They’ve never done this before, and I have! I love it when people ask me what I think they should know. There are so many misconceptions about how to pick a wedding photographer, so I thought I’d go ahead and write out a list of steps that I think are really important to making the best, most informed decision for your day.

So You Want to Have Your Friend Photograph Your Wedding?

You know you’ve heard it from your friends who have gotten married, or maybe even thought it yourself as you look at wedding photography options: “I have a friend who takes pictures”  or “my uncle has a camera” or even “my bff is a photographer”. And here’s the thing – I’m not going to say it’s *wrong* to hire a friend to photograph your wedding. It’s even possible that your friend is, in fact, a wedding photographer and would do an awesome job. I have photographed the weddings of friends and family members, and it has worked out fine.

Bay Area Wedding Photographer | What I Learned in 2017

One of my (many many, far too many) goals for this year is to write more. This means journaling and creative writing, as well as writing more on this blog. Sometimes there are so many photos to share that I get caught up in sharing images but forget to share thoughts. So, in an effort to start strong on that front, I wanted to write down just a sampling of what I learned last year. As a photographer and business owner, I am always learning – improving posing, lighting, marketing, art direction and directing clients.