I just got my pictures back from the flower bath photo shoot I did and they are STUNNING! Liza is an absolute artist and a true professional. She knows how to stage the background, direct the person being photographed, and make you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. She even had an outfit picked out for me that went perfectly with my color choices and theme. I am so happy with my pictures and they were worth every penny!

Yael Higgins

Choosing Liza as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made! From the engagement shoot to the big day, everything was perfect! I’m a little shy, so it’s kinda weird having someone taking pictures of me all the time, and she was the best. She made us feel comfortable and at ease, and she was never imposing. The pictures are beautiful, very candid and natural, and she has a great sense of the attitude of the group she’s photographing, capturing amazing details and key moments. She’s very easy to get a hold of and to talk to, and it was great having someone so professional and easy going in such a stressful and important time. Thank you so much for your amazing work!

Nadja Geiger

Wonderful experience! If you’re looking for a professional and fun person to do your boudoir photos, I definitely recommend JuniperSpringPhotography! Love how much photos turned out! Thank you so much!

Kori Johnson

I had the most memorable experience shooting my maternity photoshoot with Liza. She’s friendly and creative and we quickly bonded and collaborated on the shoot. Time flew and the entire experience made me feel comfortable and like a goddess! Highly recommend!!

Jume Irmscher

She has captured many timeless family snapshots for me that I treasure as my most valuable possessions. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet! She knows what she's doing and her love for her work shows. She really cares about her clients and I am thankful to have her as our "family photographer", hopefully for years to come.

Jenelle Romero

This review is for Liza's boudoir photography.

Hello there, have you ever wanted something in your life to such a drastic extent that you were afraid to pursue it, just in case the end result wasn't as good as the dream? Enter boudoir photography. As a woman I've grown up and lived in the world that pulls us between contradicting ideals--be beautiful but don't be too bold--be strong but don't be one of those b-words--be yourself but don't be too far outside the norm. I always imagined boudoir photography as an oasis because it places the reigns of your body image back in your hands, a place to be fully one's self outside of external expectations. Enter Liza and her boudoir photography.

What I didn't know, is that it takes a powerful, nurturing, and creative soul to realize the potential that boudoir photography offers. Liza. Liza is a goddess. The moment I took my leap of faith and walked into Liza's studio, I knew I was safe. I knew I was free to be myself, whatever that looked like. Over three hours Liza and I talked--family, childhood, work, gardens, joys, hardships, clothes, etc. As Liza helped me pick different outfits and as we moved between areas of her studio and through poses, we kept talking, laughing, smiling. Having my boudoir photos taken by Liza was profoundly feminine and empowering. Liza met me where I was and worked with me. She picked up on things I liked and didn't like, and without saying a word, adjusted our session. Liza also worked with an incredible makeup and hair artist, who is also a local small businesswoman (Monina from from Moderne Beauty). The entire boudoir photography experience became a core memory of self love, care, and trying a new thing just for me. And then I saw the finished photos AND OH MY GOODNESS THEY'RE SO PRETTY! Liza captured the aspects I love about myself and helped me see just who I am! Thanks to Liza, I will always have a beautiful representation of me in this moment. And dam if I don't love seeing all the donuts and squats my body has appreciated!

Take the leap of faith in yourself. Let Liza be a part of your story and let her help you capture just how amazing you are as a woman. With my whole heart, I recommend Liza as a photographer and as your future boudoir photographer!

Jahna Locke

Liza Head is a PRO! I hired Liza to photograph our wedding, and delivered top notch results, and photographs that we will be happy with for years to come! Liza had great ideas for how to capture spectacular images from our location, and then from our reception party. She made us look so cool! ;-)

We are super happy that we hired her!

Dean Keesey

I’ve had two photo shoots with Liza. Liza is absolutely amazing to make me relax into my session. She opens to feedback, has innovative ideas with lighting and set ups. She is easy to communicate with. I was so nervous about my first boudoir shoot but she makes me feel very comfortable and the results were amazing! I can’t thank her enough for my 30th birthday present to myself and the photos and memories that I’ll cherish forever.

Crystal Wong

Doing shoots like these can feel intimidating but man just meet Liza and you immediately feel eased. She walks you through everything to expect, and directs poses and encourages input. I’ve done two shoots with her and I recommend her any chance I get because of her professionalism, process and skill. I love her work, I love the diverse body types she’s done work with, and her chill attitude. She’s a pro and worth doing an intro with if you’re even on the fence. I’m grateful I got the “courage” to commit because now I have these gorgeous photos that make me feel really good about myself!

C OBrien

Juniper Spring Photography has done several photo shoots for me and my family, and I wouldn't trust the unique, special and intimate moments to anyone else. Liza Head of JSP does an excellent job of capturing the moments in a whimsical, natural and energetic light. If you're looking for a genuinely talented photographer to portray you and your loved ones in the best light, look no further.

Anya Ezhevskaya